What is it about Pirates that children find so fascinating? .For World Book Day this year our Toucans chose the book ‘Giant Jelly Jaws and the Pirates’ which one of the children had picked out at an outing to the Book Nook.  Lots of the Toucans came in various outfits over the course of the […]

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What else have the Romans ever done for us?

Even long standing friendships can sometimes be tested, so recently when a friend of mine commented “well isn’t a nursery just babysitting on an industrial scale? ”, I was close to offering him extended work experience in one of our toddler rooms. At this point it was tempting to climb onto the soap box and […]

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From Boardroom to Playroom

In 2003 I left the high pressure world of corporate IT to open up a nursery in Brighton with my wife Jayne and four willing pioneers, Bridget, Vicky, Lorraine and Anna. Whilst today the world of technology has many more terrabytes and gigahertz than when I left it, I thought that nursery life might evolve at […]

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