baby reading 2Policies & Procedures

A successful nursery is combination of skilled and caring people with efficient and effective key policies. We acknowledge that our key policies and procedures are fundamental to ensuring we maintain the highest standards at all times. There are over 75 policies and procedures that govern the way we operate our nursery and these will be openly published to parents and Ofsted alike. These include, health and safety, equal opportunities, child behaviour, parent partnership, staffing, nursery operations and child safeguarding.

Policies and procedures are at the heart of everything we do and for that reason they have to be maintained and measured. Our quality assurance programme will ensure that our processes are always kept to the highest standards.

Policy content is provided by management and staff, and also by referring to third party organisations such as the NDNA, who keep a library of best practice documents. Parents and carers are invited to contribute to our policies and we send out regular surveys inviting comment and feedback.

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