cute baby 3Applying for a Position

If you’re thinking of applying for a position here at our nursery, you will find us more than helpful and welcoming in assessing your application. We will provide you with guidance in how to best present yourself so that you and we can see how you could become part of our team.  Please consider the following which we hope gives you some idea of what to expect:

  • Think carefully about what you want from a position here, full-time, part time, school-time, trainee, higher education.
  • Do you have an up to date CV which you can either email or post to us?
  • If you’re not qualified, and we have a trainee position, you’ll be required to take a level 3 diploma in childcare, which is an 18 month commitment.
  • It’s not essential to have 4 GCSE’s, including English and Maths, but it helps.
  • Between the bursary and nursery contributions, you should find that you will be paying a minimal amount towards the diploma.
  • If you’re applying from another nursery, we’ll need to take up specific references about your childcare role there.
  • We’ll also need to perform pre-employment checks such as a DBS, identity check, personal references, qualification check and visa checks as appropriate.
  • Interviews are very relaxed and designed to put you at your ease. Naturally we will need to understand the level of your skills and expertise in childcare as well as how you cope in demanding situations and your views on teamwork.
  • If the interview is successful, we will ask you to spend some time with us in a trial day or even week. This is paid for by the nursery even if you are not successful.
  • Once you have been offered a position, a letter and contract will be sent to you.
  • You have 14 days within which to accept the offer.
  • From commencement you will be given a thorough induction into nursery life.

Over the years we have developed an understanding of what candidates need to show of their best and this has helped us recruit and maintain lots of really good people. Good Luck!

You can download an applications form here.

Application Form – Wishing Tree Nursery 

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