Group out frontOur Philosophy

Our primary aim is to create a working environment which allows our staff to achieve their career objectives and personal ambitions. Our staff are selected very carefully, not only for their qualifications and experience but also for their love of children. We understand that continuity of care for the children is paramount and for that reason we are totally committed to promoting staff loyalty. There is nothing worse for a child’s development at nursery than to experience constantly changing faces due to staff turnover.

Our mission is to present a high quality childcare setting to parents and carers and be regarded as a leading exponent of day nursery practices. Fundamental to this objective is the environment we create for our staff, be they full time, part time or temporary. We are recognised by Ofsted and the Local Education Authority as being a high quality setting and that has helped build our reputation.

Toucans discoWe employ over 50 members of staff, which provides us all with a sizeable challenge to ensure that we always work together as a team. This means that communication between staff and management is fundamental and that we establish a culture of investing in our most valuable asset, our staff.

We operate an open and accessible culture here which means that there is no shortage of opportunity for staff to spend time with the management team. Our managers, Bridget and Lorraine are highly qualified, with a wealth of childcare experience and fantastic role models.

We understand that the role of a nursery practitioner is very challenging in terms of the physical, mental and emotional demands placed them. Our overriding aim as an employer is to establish an environment which promotes staff loyalty and commitment. As well as the financial rewards, we will offer a wide range of benefits and advantages. We guarantee:

  • To have clearly defined Human Resource (HR) policies and procedures.
  • To promote an environment of open and honest communication.
  • To ensure that salary is reviewed every year.
  • To promote a team spirit through recognised nursery values
  • To build an environment and reputation with which staff are proud to be associated.
  • To pay a realistic and generous salary that will attract quality staff.
  • To offer incentives such as a workplace pension, additional holiday days and performance awards.
  • To offer quality in house and external training such as the Diploma in Childcare, Early Years Educator, Foundation Degree and Early Years Teacher.
  • To enrol staff in associations such as the NDNA.
  • To have regular staff meetings.
  • To put forward names for industry awards such as those provided by Nursery Management Today and Nursery World
  • To acknowledge your birthday usually with a gift
  • To have a supportive and understanding policy towards maternity, paternity or adoption leave.

Qualifications and Ratios

The Ofsted national standards require the person in charge of a nursery and the deputy to have an appropriate level 3 / 4 qualification or qualified teacher status with specialism in the early years. In addition, at least half of the remaining staff must hold an appropriate level 3 qualification.

Here at the Wishing Tree the majority of our staff hold a level 3 or above qualification in childcare (NVQ, Diploma, Btech, CACHE, NNEB amongst others).  Our managers and deputy managers hold a level 5 qualification and we are currently sponsoring members of the team to pursue higher education such as a Foundation Degree or Early Years Teacher status. To assist with this training, we are very fortunate to have two of our senior members of staff accredited as Childcare Assessors.

In terms of staff to child ratios the Ofsted requirement for nursery age children is as follows:

 Age of Child
Staff-Child Ratio
 under 2 years
 2 years
 over 2 years


Our policy is to exceed these requirements so that staff are able to have time out to review their own practice as well as to manage the children’s learning journals. We also make time for staff to develop their qualifications and to attend courses in areas such as EYFS modules, inclusion and special needs, safeguarding, equality and diversity, makaton and behaviour management. We expect all staff to obtain first aid and food hygiene qualifications within six months of appointment, and to keep these up to date.

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