The Money Bit

We try to keep the fees simple, which is why we have adopted the ” all-inclusive approach”. We understand that parents and carers are very busy and consequently there’s no need to remember to pack meals, drinks, waterproofs or nappies, as we provide pretty much everything your child will need at the nursery. We also provide vegetarian, vegan, and a range of free from foods for any intolerances, preferences or allergies. Please see further down the page for more details of our inclusive approach.

Funding – don’t forget that there are many sources of financial assistance with nursery fees such as EYFE (free places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds),  tax free childcare, student funding, special needs assistance and tax credits. Please see the Childcare Choices website for more information.

Fee Schedule


Sessions per week 1 2 3 4 5
Full day session £62.75 £62.75 £62.75 £62.75 £59.61
Weekly £62.75 £125.50 £188.25 £251.00 £298.05
Half day session N/A £34.75 £34.75 £34.75 £34.75
Weekly N/A £69.50 £104.25 £139.00 £173.75

Sessions are – full days 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., mornings 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and afternoons 1.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m. Please call us to discuss the fees for school days, early start times, student funding, term time only and the Early Years Free Entitlement for children aged 2, 3 and 4 years. We can also assist with the arrangement of funding for children with special needs in association with Brighton ad Hove Local Authority and other early years agencies.

Example of Fees with EYFE Funding

Booking pattern per week 30 Hours Scheme Funded hours provided by government per month maximum 30 Hours Funding Balance to pay per month after funding 15 Hours Scheme Funded hours provided by government per month maximum 15 Hours Funding Balance to pay per month after funding
2 half days 42.50 105.21 42.50 105.21
3 half days 63.75 157.81 47.50 228.66
4 half days 85.00 210.42 47.50 373.92
5 half days 95.00 312.07 47.50 519.17
1 full day 42.50 76.99 42.50 76.99
2 full days 85.00 153.99 47.50 317.49
3 full days 95.00 353.01 47.50 560.11
4 full days 95.00 634.98 47.50 842.08
5 full days 95.00 831.70 47.50 1038.80
1 full day + 1 half day 63.75 50.60 47.50 121.45
1 full day + 2 half days 85.00 182.20 47.50 345.70
1 full day + 3 half days 95.00 49.05 47.50 256.15
2 full day + 1 half day 95.00 255.64 47.50 462.74
2 full day + 2 half days 95.00 400.90 47.50 608.00
2 full day + 3 half days 95.00 546.15 47.50 753.25
3 full day + 1 half day 95.00 498.26 47.50 705.36
3 full day + 2 half days 95.00 643.52 47.50 850.62
4 full day + 1 half day 95.00 780.23 47.50 987.33
Termly 3 full days 95.00 209.80 47.50 416.90
Termly 4 full days 95.00 417.80 47.50 624.90
Termly 5 full days 95.00 625.80 47.50 832.90

Included in our Fees

Our ” all-inclusive ” approach means that there is nothing more to pay for almost everything your child needs at nursery, however, if you would like to provide anything specific then please let us know. Here is what we provide at no extra cost:

Breakfast – toast, porridge, cereal and fruit

Morning snack – fruit, breadsticks, crackers, vegetable dip

Home cooked lunch – four week rotating menu freshly prepared in our award winning kitchen

Home cooked tea – high tea on the same rotating menu basis as lunch

Vegetarian, vegan, and a range of free from foods – for any intolerances, preferences or allergies

Afternoon snack – for those staying until 6.00 p.m.

Constant supply of filtered water – provided by Aquaid on a mains filter

Bambo eco-friendly nappies – great for the environment and gentle for babies and toddlers

Wipes, creams, lotions – alcohol and additive free wipes, and good quality skin creams

Sun cream – two leading brands provided, child friendly and factor 30 minimum

Formula milk – all the leading brands provided

Weaning menu for babies – specially devised for our youngest children

Waterproof trousers and tops – we provide quality all-weather clothing for our unpredictable climate

Early Years Foundation Stage Teaching – Our staff are fully qualified to teach the EYFS

Parent Portal – access to a range of facilities such as your child’s EYFS Development Profile

Forest School – structured activities in our very own forest next door

Non-chargeable extras – such as Music and Movement, trips to parks, farms and wildlife reserves.

The Not Very Small Print

  • Our fees are payable calendar monthly in advance by direct debit, tax-free childcare, bank transfer or nursery voucher on or before the 7th of each month. In exceptional circumstances we can accommodate other forms of payment, to be discussed with the Nursery Manager upon booking.
  • Our fees apply to standard hours of 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. for a full day and 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. or 1.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. for a half day.
  • Your weekly fees will be converted to a calendar monthly amount and will be discounted to reflect the fact that the nursery is closed for bank holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year.
  • If you are paying by voucher then please let us know the company you are using and ensure that your child’s name is used as the reference when the payment is made. If the voucher does not cover the entire fee, then any balance will be collected by direct debit. Please remember that both parents / carers are entitled to redeem the voucher. Please also be aware that since October 2018, vouchers are being phased out.
  • Tax-Free Childcare – our nursery can accept payments from this funding system scheme that is replacing workplace vouchers and is available to many more families, including the self-employed. More information can be found here:
  • In order to book a place at our Nursery please call us for a Booking Form and we will advise you of the fees and a holding deposit. A booking fee is charged in order to reflect the fact that we have turned someone else away in order to secure your place. The booking fee will be offset against the last month of your child’s attendance at the nursery and also taking into account any other unpaid fees to that point.
  • We understand that from time to time changes can occur and we will endeavour to be reasonable given the circumstances. Should the booking hours increase then the deposit is adjusted to reflect this change. Should the booking hours decrease then the deposit remains payable at the original commitment level. We need at least 8 WEEKS written notice to be provided of any changes to the booking or when your child finally leaves the nursery. We will try to accommodate shorter notice periods especially if we are able to cover the change with another booking.
  • There is a minimum booking commitment for all children aged 0 to 5 years of 2 half days or 1 full day. Bookings must be for the same session(s) each week and as previously mentioned, appropriate notice must be provided for any changes. Bookings for free entitlement places where no additional hours are required are offered on an as available basis, and we will endeavour to accommodate your needs.
  • Unfortunately we are unable to provide refunds for a child’s absence of whatever nature including holidays, sickness, bad weather and regrettably for COVID isolation. Prolonged closure due to a pandemic or similar event will be assessed at the time. Exceptional circumstances relating to absence can be discussed with the Nursery Manager.
  • Fees are reviewed annually and 8 weeks minimum notice will be provided before any changes are made.
  • Extra sessions can either be paid for on the day or collected with the following month’s invoice. Credit cards are accepted for extras payments. Extras are for additional sessions or additional hours and subject to availability.
  • Discounts are available for siblings in the nursery and apply for the duration that both children are attending. The rate of this discount will be 5% and it applies to the older of the two siblings. When the older child leaves the nursery, the discount is not passed down.
  • Discounts are also available for full time bookings and to employees of American Express, Legal and General, the NHS and employees of Brighton and Hove City Council (subject to a minimum booking of 3 full days or 5 half day sessions).
  • The maximum discount provided under all circumstances is 5%.

Full terms and conditions can be found here


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