Inclusion Funding for Children with Special Needs

We welcome applications to our nursery from families who may need extra funding to help their children access our facilities. We have a long history of assisting children who may need extra care or one-to-one supervision.

Childcare inclusion funding is available through the Brighton and Hove local authority to support disabled children or those with special needs to attend Ofsted registered childcare and childcare run by schools. The fund is intended to provide for changes to the childcare provision which will make it possible for your child to access our service. This might include:

  • changes to the building
  • specialist equipment
  • training for staff
  • more staff time or a member of staff

Please read the eligibility criteria for more information about inclusion funding.

Applications are made jointly by the nursery and parent or carer. You can make an application any time in the year and decisions will normally be made within a few weeks.

Sources for Help and Information

We realise that whilst families and the nursery staff have a significant impact on the outcomes for children here at the nursery, there are also many other sources of help and information which we can draw upon such as:

EMAS – Supports pupils who have English as an additional language in schools across Brighton & Hove. EMAS is a team of specialist teachers, teaching assistants, bilingual liaison workers and home school liaison workers.

PRESENS – The Pre-School SEN Service (PRESENS) is for children aged 2 to 5 years, who have special educational needs and/or a disability (SEND) which may include, communication, speech and language difficulties, physical difficulties, sensory impairments, social emotional and mental health difficulties, autism, learning difficulties.

Schools – The Family Information Service has a School Preference Service to help those parents and carers who may need help in applying for a primary or secondary school place for their child.

Health Visitors – Health Visiting is provided through the Brighton and Hove Children Centres.

Local Authority Safeguarding – Co-ordinated by the Local Authority Safeguarding Board, its main role is to coordinate what is done locally to protect and promote the welfare of children and young people in the city and to monitor the effectiveness of those arrangements.

Childcare Resources – A very helpful source of information for families wanting to know more about childcare in the City.

If you have any questions please contact either the nursery direct on 01273 551515 or at the local authority please call (01273) 293670 for more information.

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