Apprenticeships at our Nursery

Apprenticeships are designed for younger people who wish to train whilst actually performing a particular job role and drawing a salary at the same time. Apprenticeships are subsidised by the government and we are authorised to offer such a scheme working in conjunction with our training partner. Here at the Wishing Tree we will take on apprentices between the age of 16-19, however, older apprentices will be considered up to age 25. Apprenticeships are best suited to people coming into the workforce for the first time, either after school/ college or after a career change.

An Apprenticeship is a combination of on- and off-the-job education and training. It is available at two levels: the Apprenticeship at Level 2 and the Advanced Apprenticeship at level 3. Generally it is nursery policy to train apprentices to level 3, however, we will also consider level 2 apprentices.

These Apprenticeships have three elements: a qualification, a technical certificate, and a functional skills unit. In the past the qualification element would have been an NVQ but in the future it will be the Level 2 Certificate or the Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce.


Key Details of our Apprenticeship Scheme

Whilst studying for the childcare qualification, apprentices will be provided with a full contract of permanent employment, which guarantees the same rights as other members of our staffing team. Candidates will be provided with a contract of employment and a full job description. The key elements of our scheme comprise

A fixed term contract of employment to run for 12 months initially, which can be extended if (1) the candidate is still undertaking the course and we are comfortable that they should continue (2) we have a full time permanent position elsewhere in the nursery. We are a large nursery so the chances of extending the contract are very good.

The hours are a maximum of 40 per week and subject to a shift system. Overtime may be offered. Initially it is expected that the candidate will work 40 hours per week, but we may reduce these hours if the candidate needs more time to study. Minimum hours will be 25 per week.

The apprentice is covered by the same employment legislation as other members of staff.

The probationary period runs alongside the 12 months contract and ends when the 12 months training has finished.

The apprentice has similar benefits as permanent members of staff i.e. 20 days and 8 bank holidays; sickness during the apprenticeship training period will be SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) only. Full sickness benefits will be paid after the successful probationary period of 12 months.

For apprentices 16-25 we will pay all training costs.

Salary is negotiable based on age and education or other qualifications.

The candidate will be assessed by our chosen training company. Assessors will come in usually once per month to assess your progress.

The candidate will also have supervision sessions with a senior member of staff.

If the candidate does not have a Maths or English GCSE, a key skills module will be added to the apprenticeship.

Apprentices can expect to take on more of the children’s care needs initially, however, as they progress with training, they will take on more of the play and learning aspects including some key children.

We are always looking for suitable apprentices so if you would like to apply for a position please contact 01273 551515 or send your CV to

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