Our Approach

The most important asset that we have is our staff and we are absolutely committed to investing in their development. Consequently, the nursery encourages self-improvement and as such the nursery manager will agree with each member of staff a training and career development road map which will assist them in their career development.

The nursery offers a broad range of training and development programs. These include on-going courses and shorter seminar style sessions as well as e-learning. Many programmes are scheduled during work hours whilst others are held during off-duty hours.

Training generally falls into three categories:

  • Workplace programmes for selected members of staff.
  • Short courses run by outside agencies such as the CEYC (City Early Years Childcare).
  • Mentoring or in house instruction by the manager, visiting trainers or suitably qualified members of staff.

climbing wallFor those members of staff following a workplace course such as a level 3 diploma, we will normally subsidise the fees payable by the delegate. In addition, dependent on the course followed, there will be a bursary paid by the Local Authority to further reduce the fees payable by the staff member.

The manager will keep a training file on each member of staff which will highlight those courses attended and those booked for future attendance. Whilst some training is optional, some courses are an integral part of staff’s on-going appraisal such as safeguarding children, first aid and EYFS development. All short courses are paid for by the nursery.

Delivering the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)
Explores the EYFS, England’s regulatory framework, and examines what this means in practice for childcarers.

Expectations of behaviour
Understand what challenging behaviour means in the context of child development and explore strategies to manage it, working in partnership with parents.

Raising developmental concerns with parents
Consider the defining stages of a child’s development and identify emotions involved in working with parents when you raise concerns.

Safeguarding children
Understand your roles and responsibilities when it comes to safeguarding and protecting children.

Explaining what a schema is and the theories behind them. The value of schemas in supporting children’s learning and development is also explored.

Supporting children’s emotional wellbeing
Essential information on how you can support children’s emotional wellbeing, ideal for members new to careers in childcare and early years.

Supporting children with speech, language and communication needs
Learn how children acquire language and explore why some children have speech, language and communication needs.


Staff Appraisals

As part of staff’s on-going career development within the nursery, the Nursery Managers will provide an appraisal at regular intervals, at least twice per annum. The objective of this appraisal is to:

  • Review performance in the nursery against goals, targets and objectives.
  • To obtain feedback from staff
  • Discuss career objectives.
  • Review pay and remuneration.
  • Review performance as part of a team.
  • Discuss any personal issues.

Listening to staff feedback and having a forum for developing ideas initiated by the staffing team is a fundamental part of what we do. This is underpinned by staff meetings, staff surveys, supervisions and one to one sessions with the Managers.


What each qualification level means


Example Job Roles

Level 2 – for front line practitioners

Nursery Assistant

Pre-school Assistant

Playgroup Assistant


Level 3 – for front line practitioners with experience or working at a supervisory level

Nursery Supervisor

Nursery Nurse

Pre-School Leader

Deputy Manager

Playgroup Leader



Level 5 – For experienced practitioners with responsibility for planning and delivery of services

Nursery Manager

Nursery Nurse

Area Manager

Nursery Owners


Level 6 – Graduate / Degree Qualifications – For practitioners in senior positions, lead/professional roles

Nursery Manager

Nursery Nurse

Area Manager

Nursery Owners

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