We recognise the immense benefits that volunteers bring to the nursery. In return, we hope to give volunteers an opportunity to exercise their skills in a different environment and to undertake new experiences.

A volunteer is not an employee and will not have a contract of employment with the nursery. We will however insist that the volunteer follows all nursery procedures in the same manner as a paid employee to ensure consistency and quality of care and early learning for the children.

All volunteers will have suitability checks conducted in the same way as paid employees. This will include an enhanced DBS check. These checks will be conducted before any volunteer starts their time within the nursery and this will also include two written references.

We will provide any training and support required for the role, including child safeguarding and protection and health and safety training. The purpose of this is to enable the volunteer to get the most out of their decision to volunteer and enhance their performance in their voluntary role within our team.

 Volunteers are expected to comply with all the nursery’s policies and procedures. The induction process will include an explanation of this.

 Volunteers are likely to become aware of confidential information within the nursery either about the children, its staff and parents. Volunteers should not disclose this information and should follow the nursery confidentiality procedure at all times.



Working alongside schools and colleges the nursery is able to offer placements for up to 2 weeks subject to availability. Students will be mentored by a member of staff and will be subject to the same supervision and contractual obligations as volunteers. If you wish to apply for a placement here then please call 01273 551515 or email office@wishingtreenursery.com.

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