Parent and Carer Partner Committee

Our Parent and Carer Partners (PCP) meet with nursery management on a regular basis to discuss how we’re doing and what improvements we could consider. We have had many helpful suggestions and ideas to come out of these meetings and it really helps us maintain our focus on what it’s like being a parent at our nursery.

Bearing in mind parents and children could be with us for many years, it is essential we establish an environment that makes it easy to exchange information and views. We also want to make it easy for parents as well as children to make new acquaintances and friends and we will provide lots of opportunities for this to happen.

Principle activities of the PCP include:

  • To attend a management meeting 4-6 times per annum.
  • To represent parents and carers to the management team.
  • To assist with the review of policies and procedures.
  • To assist with parent events.
  • To assist with the review the administration and finance.
  • To review how we communicate to parents via digital, paper and electronic media.
  • To bring ideas about the curriculum and daily activities for children.
  • To provide a sounding board for how we need to support and develop our staff.
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